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What is EverSlim?

Utilizing a two-phase goal achievement approach, EverSlim’s Weight Loss Program emphasizes structure, convenience, and education to facilitate the formation of new, healthy lifestyle behaviors. Our staff of weight loss consultants and nutritionists are here to support you every step of the way! Located right here in Springfield, MO, EverSlim is a weight loss clinic that is dedicated to giving our community the tools they need to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

I look and feel better than I could’ve imagined! I cannot thank EverSlim enough for this life-changing experience. The staff are friendly and the products are delicious!


Personal Goal
& Progress Tracking

During your initial consultation with the experts at EverSlim, we will discuss your personal weight loss goals. Once we determine a healthy goal weight, we will implement a weight loss program emphasizing structure, convenience, and education.

We will monitor your progress through daily food journaling, weekly weigh-ins, and consultations about the past week’s challenges/successes and any upcoming events that may impact the weight loss journey.

One-on-One Personalized Program Coaching

While participating in the EverSlim weight-loss program, you will attend weekly one-on-one consultations with our knowledgeable, friendly, and caring Weight Loss Consultants.

This is when you will weigh-in, talk through the past week’s struggles and successes, improve your nutrition knowledge, and learn how to modify your eating and exercise behavior. We want you to have the best opportunity for success, and we are with you every step of the way as you become a healthier you!

On-Site Body Composition Analysis

Step on the InBody 570 and find out more! This body composition analyzer goes beyond traditional body composition analysis, measuring fat, muscle, and total body water.

Total body water data can be divided into intracellular water and extracellular water, values important for understanding your fluid distribution in medical, wellness, and fitness contexts.

This non-invasive test is not just for our weight-loss clients. Anyone wanting to find out more about their body composition can reserve an appointment to step on this incredible machine and—45 seconds later—receive a detailed print-out of their analysis.

Meal Planning
& Meal Replacements

During the EverSlim weight loss program, we implement structured meal plans that incorporate grocery foods and our delicious protein supplements for you and your lifestyle. Our meal plans have been uniquely designed to provide optimum nutrition for healthy weight loss as you work toward your personal goals.

The balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrates in our meal plans are not typically achievable in reduced calorie diets, therefore you can experience a greater impact on weight loss.

We stock many great-tasting, healthy protein snacks, bars, fruit drinks, hot drinks, and entrees in a variety of flavors.

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What is the Weight Management Program?

The EverSlim Weight Management Program is one of the main features that sets us apart from the typical weight loss clinic. It begins with a proven low-calorie diet, a grocery food-based solution where you will eat 3–5 protein supplements and 2–3 grocery meals daily.

Protein supplements in a variety of forms and flavors are typically used as in-between meal snacks or as meal replacements. The primary focus is on nutrition and low-fat eating.

After achieving goal weight, heavy emphasis is put on maintaining that goal weight. EverSlim and our staff of weight loss professionals continue to partner with you through the maintenance phase in which you will gradually return to a diet of all grocery foods while protein supplements are slowly phased out.

Who is the Weight Management Program For?

The EverSlim Weight Management Program is for adult men and women in Springfield, MO and surrounding areas who want and need to lose weight for many reasons.

It may be that your doctor recommended weight loss for better health and hopes of being able to eliminate certain medications. It may be a conscious choice to live a healthier lifestyle, have more energy, and just feel better. Perhaps it is for personal appearance or a special upcoming event.

Whatever the reason, we understand the challenges you’re facing, and we know how difficult it is to lose weight on your own. EverSlim is here to partner with you on your weight loss journey and beyond! Click the button below to learn more about starting your new, healthy life!

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