Once upon a time, people got hungry and they ate something. No more. These days, it seems, every bite has become complicated. Science, pseudo-science and the latest bestseller all bombard us with the latest marching orders about what we should be eating and drinking. Meals and snacks have become tense showdowns among head, heart and hunger. Stressed but starving, you grab for anything—and possibly everything—in sight. The fact is, with more “diet experts” than ever, Americans are more overweight than ever. Overweight and obesity have become epidemics, leaving tens of millions at risk for heart disease, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure and other dangerous conditions.

Clearly, some straight talk is in order, and National Nutrition Month can provide it. National Nutrition Month, an educational and informative campaign sponsored by the American Dietetic Association, is designed to focus attention on the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits.

A trained professional, a weight loss counselor, a dietitian or a physician specializing in weight loss, can design a sensible, personalized eating plan that you can live with. Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is a lifelong process; no off-the-shelf diet (no matter what your neighbor or favorite celebrity says!) can help everyone lose weight and keep it off. In the end, the only “diet” that works is the one you’ll stick to—and that means a realistic, flexible plan built around your changing needs, lifestyle and preferences.

Translation: There’s no point in jumping aboard The Broccoli Diet bandwagon if you hate broccoli. The same goes for all those trendy (and highly paid) diet darlings on TV and the bestseller list. They don’t know you, your body or your life.

If you’re watching your weight, you need a real plan tailored for you. A nutrition professional can help you match your food choices to your lifestyle and individual requirements. A trained professional can also provide critical, ongoing personal support throughout the weight loss process. A professional offers a simple, one-stop resource for providing the range of expertise, personal attention and counseling that successful weight loss requires.

If you’re trying to lose weight or simply eat healthier, a personal consultation with a professional should be your first stop. So, don’t wait, call EverSlim, Weight Management Services at 417-883-SLIM (7546) today for free information on weight loss planning. Remember: healthy eating helps you get the most out of life. Reaching a healthy weight through a healthy lifestyle is the key to looking good, feeling great and being your best at work and play!

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