If you are committed to losing weight, you have likely been told to count calories and eat only low-calorie foods. You probably make determinations on what foods to eat based on the calorie count associated with them. Unfortunately, some of your favorite foods might be hiding a larger number of calories than you expect. In this blog, we discuss some common hidden calorie foods, how they can negatively impact your low calorie or low carb diet, and how you can keep track of them!

What Are Hidden Calories?

Hidden calories are pesky little calories that hide out in some of your favorite foods. Because they aren’t highly publicized as high-calorie foods, you may not even know that they are there. You may think that by following low cal recipes and preparing low-calorie meals that you find on the internet are making a healthy decision for yourself. While this is true to some extent, it’s best to be hypervigilant about the foods you are preparing for yourself.

You may think that your everything morning bagel topped with low-fat cream cheese and a cup of black coffee is a healthy breakfast and an excellent way to lose some weight, but that isn’t necessarily factual. Your favorite bagel brand might be pushing “healthy” bagels that have a total of around 400 calories! Yikes! Hunting down low carb and low cal foods is becoming more and more difficult for the average consumer.  

According to an article published on MedCrave Online by Dr. Stella G. Uzogara, people who consume large amounts of hidden calorie foods normally aren’t aware that they are consuming so many calories. This unawareness is normally due to the following factors:

  • The hidden calorie foods they are eating are not easily identified as high in calories by the diet plans they follow.
  • Hidden calorie foods are sometimes bland, which conceals sugar content.
  • Hidden calorie foods are an accepted part of many diets because they are perceived as healthy, even if they are associated with high-calorie counts.

How Do They Affect Your Diet?

Hidden calories can sometimes severely impact your daily caloric intake. There are some common culprits that are associated with hidden calorie consumption:

  • Sneaky Salads: Salads are often considered to be the best dinner or lunch option for dieters, but watch what is sprinkled or drizzled on top. Go for a lighter salad dressing option. Croutons do make a difference, and so does Bacon. Don’t smother it in cheese, either!
  • Caloric Coffees: We may love frothy coffee, but it’s not the best idea from a calorie perspective. Resist the urge to order a large drink with whipped cream. Go for a small size with skimmed milk added.
  • Scary Servings: Pay attention to the serving size. Don’t overeat just because you have a bag of chips or a  tub of ice cream open! Save it for later and relish in the fact that you have a snack!
  • Problematic Protein: High protein, iron-rich foods are great for you but make sure that you are choosing low-fat options. For instance, beef is high in protein, but lean beef is more suitable for a diet. The same goes for breakfast foods like yogurt. Choose the low-fat option!

What Can I Do To Eliminate Them?

First off, do your research. Check labels and pay close attention to calorie count. Just because something seems healthy does not mean that it is. Working with a professional to help you lose weight or enrolling in a weight loss support program can help you to keep on track with your caloric intake by providing you with the resources and information you need to thoroughly evaluate your food. Sometimes a little bit of support can go a long way!

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