If you are working on losing weight, going to a gym can seem intimidating. Even if you do make it to the gym, you might find yourself getting stuck in the same treadmill to weight machine loop again and again.

Working out at home is becoming more and more common. In this blog, we explain why you don’t need to invest in an expensive gym or fitness classes, and how maintaining a healthy diet can enhance your weight loss efforts.

At Home Workouts: The Basics

According to an article released by Harvard Medical School, exercising is incredibly beneficial to your health. No matter your gender or your age, you can benefit from a workout routine! If you decide to exercise at home, it does not mean that you need a room dedicated solely to your workout. You can throw down a yoga mat or folded blanket and workout in your living room if need be! Start by carving out some time for yourself during your day.

Consider waking up a little earlier and dedicating just 30 minutes to your easy, effective home workout. We are all busy, but it is important to set time aside for caring for ourselves. Before you work out, drink some water and make sure to stretch out to avoid muscle strain.

Remember, if you are feeling pain while doing a workout, you may need to slow down or stop the exercise activity altogether. Before starting any sort of high-intensity workout, you should talk to your doctor and make sure that the routine will be right for you. There is no shame in beginning your routine with an easy workout and then progressing to something more rigorous. Pace yourself!

What Are Easy At Home Workouts For Beginners?

Here are a few simple workout ideas to help you build an at home workout routine:

A younger woman in a green shirt does a wall sit on an exposed brick wall.

  • Sit Awhile (Wall Sits): Try some wall sits to strengthen those glutes and tone thighs at home! To do a wall sit, plant your feet about shoulder width apart. Lean back against a bare wall (avoid pictures that you might knock off the walls), sit back like you would sit in a chair and hold this position.

A young women holding weights does a squat in her living room.

  • The Low Down (Squats): Squats can be a great way to stretch your legs. To do a pain-free squat, your feet should be aligned with your shoulders. Keeping your back straight, bend your knees and lower yourself down to a point where you feel comfortable. Don’t push yourself!

A younger lady does the child’s pose yoga pose on a wood floor in her home.

  • Stretch and Release (Yoga): Invest in a yoga mat and try some simple poses! Child’s pose is a great way to stretch. Rest on your knees on your yoga mat and sit back on your feet. The tops of your feet should be meeting the yoga mat. Extend your arms forward and bend to where your hands are at the top of your mat. Stay in this position for a few deep breaths.

An older woman does a plank exercise in her well-lit living room.

  • Plank You Very Much (Planks): On a rug, yoga mat, or folded blanket, lie down facing the floor. Keeping your toes and forearms on the floor, lift yourself off the ground.

As you develop your routine, you can add new segments to customize and create your best at home workout! Do research online, and ask your friends what works for them. Find what you like and expand on it, maybe it is an easy yoga routine for beginners, or maybe you want to consider purchasing some 5 lb. or 10 lb. weights to start basic weight training. In warmer weather, add walks into your workout!

Healthy Diet + Simple Workouts = Weight Loss!

Bad news for workout aficionados…you can’t just workout and eat whatever fast food you want, no matter how fit you are! Weight loss exercise can only go so far. To keep weight off for good,  you need to change your diet. If you are working with a weight loss professional, they can build out a meal and supplement plan to help you lose the weight that you want to lose. They will make sure you are focused on healthy weight loss by nourishing your body appropriately.

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